Consultation 2021

Let’s Gather! September 2021

Every three years, Micah Global members from around the world gather for a consultation that is hosted in turn by one of our regions. This year, Africa is our host. The African organising team would like to invite you to gather on-line during the month of September 2021 for worship, conversation, learning and networking. The theme of the consultation is KUSHAMIRI, which is the beautiful Kiswahili word for ‘flourish’. We will gather to reflect on how we as individuals, organisations and congregations flourish so that we may be catalysts for the flourishing of the communities we serve. And to explore how this is a flourishing for all seasons, and in difficult situations.
The flourishing we are seeking is described in the invitation and the promise of Jesus Christ to his followers: “I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). It is this active abiding, us in Christ and Christ in us, that we will consider during the consultation. We will also reflect on the fruit which such abiding produces, in our lives and in the communities where we are located. Considering flourishing from a biblical perspective, we are reminded also of the text in Revelation 22:2 where the tree of life has twelve kinds of fruit and produces fruit every month. And the leaves of this tree are for the healing of the nations. As the Body of Christ, participating in God’s mission of holistic redemption, we are the instrument of current flourishing and the foretaste of future flourishing through our abiding and fruitfulness in Christ.
Here are a few details about the consultation, so you can begin to pray, think, discuss and plan. Registration will be open from 1 June 2021 and is open to members of Micah Global and non-members. The consultation will take place during the month of September 2021 and will consist of two elements. Firstly, KUSHAMIRI BROADCAST – a live, time-specific programme running online from 5 – 10 September. Secondly, KUSHAMIRI COMMUNITY – an online interaction space that will run from 1 – 30 September, where attendees engage in their own time. These two elements are described in more detail below. We welcome contributions from all Micah Global members for the KUSHAMIRI COMMUNITY space. 
May this word KUSHAMIRI | FLOURISH take root in our hearts and minds as we hear the invitation and the promise from the Lord to flourish and be agents of flourishing in our communities. And may we be inspired to bring our experiences of flourishing to the consultation, to share with each other.
Deborah Hancox                                    Christine MacMillan
International Coordinator                     Chairperson of Micah Global Board 

Download the flyers below in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and English


Kushamiri Community

This element consists of online content that will be available from 1 – 30 September for attendees to engage with in their own time. We invite you to contribute to Kushamiri Community content. Included in this are M-Phatics (short talks), papers, art and photographs, stories, songs and poems. In this Community space attendee organisations can also set up a digital booth in an electronic exhibition hall to make themselves known and to meet potential collaborators. There will be personal networking opportunities too.

 Kushamiri Broadcast

This element consists of the live events stretching from 5 – 10 September. It includes worship, devotions, keynote addresses, workshops, Under the Tree conversations, a prayer room for fellowship and a café for networking. Kushamiri Broadcast is our organised LIVE time together starting on Sunday 5th September with an opening gathering and closing on Friday 10th with a closing ceremony. 

Kushamiri Contributions

The global consultation is a place to learn from one another, network  and initiate collaborations that bring us closer to seeing God’s kingdom come on earth. Be a part of Kushamiri and share your ideas, experience, knowledge, creativity and skill with the other participants. The deadline for the contributions is the 13th August 2021. Find out more about what you can bring here. The Consultation team, with the help of relevant specialists, will decide which contributions to make available. Queries and contributions should be sent to

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