Climate Church Talk

Climate Church Talk

Climate Church Talk

A sermon outline by Tearfund

February 2021

Thank you for downloading our guide to talking about climate change at church. In this resource, we’ve written our top tips and example wordings for a short announcement and a full sermon for you to use in a Sunday service.

Whether you’ve only got time for a quick announcement, or you’ve got a whole sermon slot, you can help people understand the climate emergency and be inspired by God’s love for creation and his heart for justice. We’ve also made some slides to go with these talks, which you can download on our website at:

Please email us at at least two weeks before you speak at your church so we can pray for you and support you as you prepare. If your church is meeting in person, then we could also send you some cards so people can sign the petition during the talk and commit to pray.

Thank you for supporting the campaign and inviting others to get on board too!

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Tearfund’s Understanding of Resilience

Tearfund's Understanding of Resilience

by Chris McDonald - September 2019

At Tearfund we believe that release from poverty can only happen when individuals and communities are resilient to shocks and stresses; they are able to plan and implement solutions to address their own issues and those around them; they have been able to move from just striving to surviving to a fuller sense of thriving and flourishing. This paper unpacks what we mean by Resilience and what we believe underpins it. It is submitted to this conference to spark debate and discussion, to recognise that the seeds of disasters are planted long before the disaster event overcomes people - that everything we do to assist the poor will either help them reduce their disaster risk or increase it. 

Read the paper here