Micah Project Proposal and Reporting Templates

Micah Project Proposal and Reporting Templates

Micah Global - December 2020

Micah Global has revised its Project Planning and Reporting Templates and these are now available for download below. They have been reworked to be easier to use and to reflect changes in the nature of partnerships between supporting and implementing partners. In addition, new emphases within the development sector, such as safeguarding, have been accommodated.

Please note that these are Templates and not “one size fits all” documents. Adapt them as required for your own organisation and implementing contexts. Please do bear in mind that they are underscored by and should be used alongside the Micah Partnership Guidelines. In the first quarter of 2021, there will be some webinars that will further introduce and discuss the Templates.

Thanks go to those members who worked together over an extended period of time to complete this extensive revision of the Templates. Should you have any feedback or questions on the Templates, including ways in which they could be further improved, please email deborah[at]micahglobal.org.

Development Proposal Template
Emergency Response Proposal Template
Financial Proposal Template
Financial Reporting Template
Reporting Template
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L’élaboration des propositions
Proposition pour une intervention d'urgence
Projet financier Michée Mondial
Rapport financier Michée Mondial
Modèle de rapport
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