Abundant Africa

Abundant Africa

Our decade to shape the African Century 

Africa stands at a pivotal point in its millenia-old history - the foundations we build now will influence our continent’s future. This is our kairos moment.

This paper is a declaration of hope. Like Joshua and Caleb we see the abundance of our Promised Land and, despite the giants that terrify many into unbelief, we bring a positive report to our people. If together we choose courage to lead, and obedience to God, Africa will one day be known as the abundant continent.

The paper is also designed to help start a conversation around how we shape the future of Africa. The audience is primarily for African Christian leaders in the church and society. But we welcome all to engage. The contents are the work of a number of authors, influenced by a series of consultations and conversations held in different regions of Africa to try and capture some of the important thinking on our continent.

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