Reimagining New Redemptive Ways

John Beckett, Anthony Sell, Seed Initiatives

The need to remain responsive and open to new ways is nothing new for churches and organisations serving in developing, and for that matter, developed contexts. Political and social unrest and the ever-changing needs of vulnerable communities means that no model or approach remains fresh and relevant for engaging in the public square and driving social, economic, political or systems change. Surprisingly, for those blessed to live in more stable contexts, disruption and change often pose a significant challenge. Often leaders in these contexts have not developed resilience to respond constructively and creatively to uncertainty and the myriad of emotions that disruption can bring. This can result in a confused voice and a vague organisational identity when they attempt to engage in public life. Either way, the church, community organisations and social movements must continue to be agile and responsive when trying to engage redemptively in the public square. Never has this been more important than during this current experience of Covid-19 and the many significant and polarising issues of our day.