Overcoming Security Issues in Pakistan - A Ministry

Ifrahim Akhtar Mathew – 12th July 2018

According to the historical records, an element of hate by the Muslims towards Christians is very deep rooted. Religion fanaticism is not only confined  to Taliban, but it is in-fact organic to Pakistan. It is in the DNA of Pakistani people, says Mushtaq Bilal ,in his article at ‘religion and Pakistan’, printed in Daily,“ The News”, dated 3rd Dec2017.

Thus, the hostility towards Christians in Pakistan existed long before  the creation of Pakistan. He cited example of a case ,in the beginning of 1924, when Mahashe Rajpal published a pamphlet  in an Urdu language, written by an anonymous author, who was later killed by Muslim fanatic Illm-ud-Din on April 6, 1929.

Another such example is Aisya Bibi who is still in jail with the same type of allegations. In this scenario, it is pertinent  to think how to defend ourselves (Christians) without being entangled in any physical modus operandi.