Micah Brasil's Declaration on Amazon Fires

26 August 2019

” LORD, help us! The fire has consumed the wilderness pastures, and flames have burned up all the trees.” – Joel 1:19

The prophet Joel uses apocalyptic language to denounce the plight of the people: intrusion of foreign peoples, high taxes, slave trade, and support of theocratic institutions. People suffered from social injustice and the calamity of nature.

Micah Brazil, in the same way, have come to denounce and express our outrage at the calamities that we are witnessing in these days, which are the result of human action, whether due to carelessness about God’s creation or greed; for cutting down trees and trees, or for causing fires to implement large livestock and agribusiness projects.

Forest fires increased by 82% during 2018 and spread across the northern and central-eastern states of the country, and also affect cities in the south central and millions of people.

All this destruction and death has gained momentum with the constant denial and ridicule of the climate change situation and the demoralisation of the control and research organizations, as well as the Non-Governmental Environmental Organizations, those that should be the main responsible for the preservation of the environment.

The UN Climate Change Week of Latin America and the Caribbean, which is taking place in Salvador, Bahia, reiterates the complaint made some time ago: we are facing a global climate emergency.

We, from Micah Brazil, support all the theses of the climate conferences. And, like the prophet Joel, we want to make a strong call to conversion in the heart, not only in appearance, that leads us to conscious consumption and respect for creation.

We cry out to God for mercy and forgiveness for the many sins we have committed against his creation, and we demand more responsibility from the authorities, who have a duty to take care of our environmental heritage, and we challenge all Brazilians to speak in opposition to what we have stated here.

We denounce so that we are all agents in the care and defence of what is good for all Brazilians and humanity: our forests.

 * Micah Brazil is part of a global Christian movement of people, organisations and churches committed to reducing poverty and global inequality.