Kushamiri Intro Flyer English

Kushamiri – Flourish

Every three years, Micah Global members from around theworld gather for a consultation that is hosted in turn by oneof our regions. This year, Africa is our host. The Africanorganising team would like to invite you to gather on-lineduring the month of September 2021 for worship,conversation, learning and networking. The theme of theconsultation is KUSHAMIRI, which is the beautiful Kiswahiliword for ‘flourish’. What does it look like to ‘flourish’ in themidst of hard places? The world is saturated with injustice,pain, suffering, greed – and most of our Micah members liveand work on the frontline, advocating for change andshowing a different way. How do we play our part inbringing God’s kingdom from ‘heaven to earth’, running therace well to the end?