Hunger Relief in Lock down

by The Warehouse

An unemployed woman receives an SMS on her monochrome-screen phone. It says, “This voucher from [Khayelitsha Christian Fellowship] offers you R400 to buy food from your local supermarket. Your voucher number is 123456789 – please enter it at the till when you pay.” She goes to her nearby store, where she usually shops, and fills a basket with food that she knows her family eats and that she can make go a long way, as she has done many times before. This does not end her struggle with food insecurity, but it means her family will not go hungry today. Her eldest son is a daily wage worker who waits on the side of the road in Wetton, hoping for a day’s work as a labourer. It is this meagre earning that keeps hunger at bay most days, but there are no hopes for work in the coming weeks as the roads are quiet and empty … and will be for weeks to come due to lockdown.