Biblical Teaching on Social Justice

by Manaval Reuben 

Justice is at the very heart of the Christian faith, even though this fact is yet to be understood by many Christians. Christians as light and salt to the world have a role in social justice for bringing the needed transformation.

In order to understand what Bible teaches about justice, it is necessary to set the term in the context of relationships. Social justice is relation between individuals, communities, nations and the poor. The problem of social justice today is that some people are radically dependent on and controlled by others, as a result they are not free and do not have the right to self determination. Some people are denied the right to participate fully in public life; as a result they do not have the opportunity to fight for their rights. Some people live in indigent poverty, as a result while the rich have more than enough to satisfy their wants the poor do not have sufficient to satisfy their basic needs. This paper examines what social justice is and how it is dealt with Biblical perspective.