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Micah Global members have stories of hope and change from around the globe. 

We aim to share some of these stories here. We aim to share stories to bring hope and light and to keep mobilising for the global Church to lead the way in true transformation and shalom.

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Photographer: Ida Kaastra-Mutoigo, World Renew Executive Director, Canada

At the WEA Conference in Jakarta last year, Spiritual Care Teams, consisting of people from many countries, prayed with delegates and speakers. These teams believed in the power of prayer to positively change situations, attitudes and to prepare delegates and speakers to have an even more dynamic encounter with the Lord, His Word and His people at the Conference.

Strength in delicacy


Photographer: Accessible Hope International

Women with disabilities, previously believing God had cursed them, listening to Scripture together and discussing God’s love. This image demonstrates the flourishing of women with disabilities who were previously isolated, alone, and dishevelled. They believed they were worthless and treated themselves as such. They believed that God had cursed them and didn’t want them. Now they live in community. Their relationships with their families are being reconciled. They are hearing about a God who loves them, and has a purpose for them – and a purpose for their disability. 

Loved not cursed


Photographer: Linda Martindale

While swimming early one morning in a local tidal pool I met a woman whose eyes sparkled as she spoke with passion and joy about the life within the pool, life that I had mostly not noticed. From sea slugs to anemones to starfish, she introduced me to the ‘locals’ with whom I was swimming. She has been an advocate for the City to not clean the tidal pools with chemicals because of it what it does to this sea life, and has brought about change that means this starfish is alive and well. A seemingly small action showed me something significant – she is creating change in a small part of the world with her passion, knowledge and advocacy. Sometimes when I think nothing will change, I remember her – and how she is making change in a small way with excellence and impact. It reminds me that we must all do what we can, where we can, with passion and knowledge, and see things change, in big ways and small.

Pockets of Oceanic Hope


Photographer: Guy Stubbs

This photograph has always impacted me with questions. The little girl in the photograph is full of joy. Yet if one takes a closer look at her clothes, it becomes evident that they are threadbare and well worn. If one views the picture from a secular worldview, the question is asked how the girl can be happy even though she appears poor. And she was very poor. She was an orphan living with her sickly granny in a small hut that kept on collapsing due to the rain. But when speaking to her, I realised that she had hope. This picture reminds me that poverty is not necessarily just physical, it is emotional and spiritual. And when there is hope, physical poverty can be overcome. 

African joy


Photographer: Guy Stubbs

Flourishing Earth – when people work the land, good things grow. In our projects, we focus on helping people with little hope – people who are enslaved to manipulative dependency. Freeing transformation takes place when a person realises that with God’s blessings they can change their own lives. The woman in this photograph has realised that the gifts given by God of resources, relationships and abilities have enabled her to transform her life from dependency to dignity.


Flourishing Earth

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