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15 Mar 2011

Globalisation and the Information Revolution

Reflections on Information and Communication… read

27 Jul 2011

Globalisation and the Poor - Global Triennial Consultation

Here you can find the transcripts from the 2003… read

15 Mar 2011

Globalisation of Conflict: A Case Study - by Vinoth Ramachandra

A transcript of a talk by Vinoth Ramachandra at… read

15 Mar 2011

Globalisation, that is to say, when poverty is always with us

A transcripted talk by Lilia Solano, Fraternidad… read

25 Mar 2011

Glossary on HIV/AIDS

An extract entitled 'Education in the Context… read

05 Mar 2011

Governance Case Study – World Vision: Tsunami Response In Sri Lanka

Case Study based on the tsunami in Sri Lanka… read

04 Mar 2011

Healing for people with HIV & AIDs

"And by His wounds I am healed" - Gracia Violeta… read

04 Aug 2011

HIV & AIDs and Integral Mission

Over 90 people from 30 countries came to Chiang… read

03 Mar 2011

HIV & AIDS Awareness amongst an African Theological Seminary

Evangelical Seminary of Southern Africa Christian… read

24 Mar 2011

HIV & AIDs Care and Support Programmes

David Kabiswa of AIDS Care Education and… read