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Status: In progress


One of the main outcomes from our recent 6th Triennial Global Consultation has been the establishment of working groups on thematic issues of concern, which were identified during our time together.

Each working group is tasked with the publication of a Micah Paper.

What is a Micah Paper?

A Micah Paper is designed to enable readers to understand an issue, theologically, missiologically, philosophically and ideologically. It then outlines how this impacts what we do and say, gives examples of how to respond and then outlines suggested approaches to be considered. The paper will, where possible, outline a strategic response that Micah will follow. This could be to initiate advocacy initiatives, facilitate workshops & training opportunities, publish information & raise awareness or other activities that will enable the leaning to be shared and adopted. Finally, the paper will act as a reference for further reading, learning and practice.

Note: Micah Papers should be seen as a consultative tool to enable development of reflective thinking and holistic action. They should play a dual role in presenting integral mission perspectives as well as inviting further opinions and discussions on the issues presented.

Why consider issues of concern?

Every generation faces challenges in their context and should be prompted to reflect afresh theologically and practically, drawing on past learning and at the same time renewing perspectives, with an openness for new insights and transformational changes. Micah Papers seek to enable this reflection and encourage a Spirit-led response to the issues of concern our generation face.

Who can be on a working group?

All Micah members are eligible to join a working group.

Each working group will have a focal person who will take responsibility for facilitating the group and drafting the paper by the agreed deadline.

A working group will be made up of a core team (6 – 15 people), drawn from Micah members and who are specialists in the theme under discussion.

The wider consultative group can be joined by all who are interested.

Any materials and resources that members have access to on each theme will be vital to enable a rich discussion of learning. We request that members share their material where possible.

Current Working Groups being established:

Working groups are being established each month. A description of objectives (Terms of Reference) for each working group will be developed. The current working groups available are:

Re-thinking church

Health and wellbeing

Sustainable Organisations


Ethical Fundraising

Urban Shalom

Creation Care

Changemakers – Young people making a difference


To join a working group and or to find out more please contact Micah Global.