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Integral Mission and Urban Shalom

Thursday to Friday, 12pm 31 August - 5pm 1 September, 31/08/17 - 01/09/17, Dhaka

Micah Bangladesh will hold an Integral Mission… más

Integral Mission Conversation

Monday to Tuesday, Dates and times to be confirmed, 04/09/17 - 05/09/17, Lahore, Pakistan

The Micah Pakistan gathering in Lahore has been… más

Southern Africa Regional Consultation on Peace and Reconciliation

Tuesday to Thursday, All day, 21/11/17 - 23/11/17, Lusaka, Zambia

Micah will host a regional consultation for… más

Integral Mission Conversation - DRC

Friday to Saturday, 19/01/18 - 20/01/18, Goma, DRC

Micah will hold an integral mission conversation… más

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