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initiative step by step towards sustainable organisations

Sustainable Organisations Initiative

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Status: Launched


At our Global Consultation in Peru (Sept 2015) Wiebke Sute-Blume and Peter Seerberger from Micah Switzerland / StopArmut, presented a paper on Sustainable Organisations. This was well received and after further discussions we are pleased to begin the next step in this exciting initiative.

Step by step towards a sustainable organisation:

Step One: to carry out an assessment of what is currently being done towards sustainability in organisations, businesses, schools and churches.

Step Two: collate and analyse the data received from us all.

Step Three: develop a sustainability plan that contributes towards the realisation of the SDGs by 2030 adding the Christian distinctive (theology and practice). The plan will also look at suggesting how we can be a catalyst for good change and enable organisations towards agreed sustainable goals.

The assessment will be facilitated by StopArmut and will be available in English and German.


Getting Involved

We invite you to take part in the assessment and follow the development of this important initiative.

  • Sign up to the quarterly information bulletin and use the Change Maker Portraits
    - mail to for the info bulletin
    - see the Change Maker Portraits here (English, German)
  • Do the assessment and share your experiences by submitting a Change Maker Portrait
    - refer for assessment tools in English here, in German here
     - refer for submitting Change Maker Portraits in English here, in German here
  • Join in discussions, (Discussion Platform is in development), please contact us via email if you are interested!