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Welcome to Micah Network

Welcome to Micah Network

Micah Network is a global Christian community of organisations and individuals committed to integral mission. Established in September 1999, Micah Network draws Christian organisations and… read

Our resources

Our Resources

A core responsibility of a network is to help members improve and strengthen their efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring our vision and mission are forwarded. Micah Network seeks to develop a… read

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Micah Transition

Status: Launching


2015 represents a year of transition for the Micah family. Micah Network and Micah Challenge merged in December 2014 forming a new network/movement called Micah. Over the coming months the development of Micah's structure, strategic direction… read

Summary Review 2013

Status: Published

The Micah Network 2013 Summary Review outlines all of the activities carried out by Micah Network in 2013, including events, representations and ongoing programmes. It also includes the annual financial summary. Please do download and share with… read

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